K☥NG Tee


Our Signature K☥NG Tee was designed to honor our fathers, brothers, unkEL's, sun's, nephews and husbands. The K☥NG Tee was created to show appreciation to the man who has endured so much and still finds the kourage to keep going. Our protectors, our lovers, our friends! Without the K☥NG there is no Kween!

The K☥NG Tee features the Ancient symbol of the Ankh which represents union of the divine masculine and feminine aspects within us! We are ONE, man and wombman!

The K☥NG Tee comes in our signature colors of Black & Gold with accents of Silver. The color Black represents our Melanin and the true power of Dark Matter. The color Gold represents the SUN and how we shine bright from within.

Disclaimer:Please note the colors may vary due to camera and lighting. ThAnkh you for innerstanding.
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