Kweens Core Values

Our kustomers whom we consider Cuzzos
always come first. Beyond the degree 
of what our kustomers ask for,in the 
quality of our products, 
the price of our products and the 
service we provide. We seek to develop
new, creative and inspirational products 
helping to uplift and inspire every
Kween and King that rocks our

Kween's Royal Tees intends to stimulate our kommunities
by helping them realize their unlimited
potential,their creative talents and
recognizing their self-worth,
by utilizing uplifting ancient imagery and symbols and sending vibrations of 
harmony, inner peace, 13love, joy,
prosperity and creativity with each
product that goes out into the world. 
We vow to make society a more peaceful 
and prosperous place with our designs.

               We Are The Village
Kween's Royal Tees has a passion for helping the youthstars in the world  Kweens has partnered with 
Saving The YouthStars
an online resource center for
teens and the Teen Talk Series
youth program in order to provide a service to the kommU.N.I.T.Y which helps stimulate the minds of the youth with mentorship, free educational tools and other services. Please go visit to show your support. Follow Teen Talk Series on IG:@teentalkseries