I Am A Revolutionary Hoodie (Pearl White)


At Kweens Royal Tees we are inspired by FRED HAMPTON and The Black Panther Party of Self Defense! These were some of the BADDEST brothas on the planet! They not only took care of our YOUTH but the ELDERY! They had a mission to PROTECT their CommU.N.I.T.Y by any means necessary!

Our FRED HAMPTON KOLLECTION is inspired by his strength,courage, powerful demeanor, warrior spirit and conviction to walk in his truth! What a POWERFUL KING!! He inspires us to Walk in our Greatness, Exude our Power and Speak our RAW Truth unapologetically! Gratitude,Honor & RAspect to th Great KING and LEGENDARY HERO FRED Hampton!! All praises to my ANCESTORS!!

Our Fred Hampton I AM A REVOLUTIONARY Sweatshirt is Kreated in Black representing strength, powe and resilience.Gold representing generosity, compassion, divinity and power. And Pearl White representing innocence, purity, peace, beauty, new beginnings and sincerity.💛🖤🤍

Disclaimer: Please note colors may be slightly different due to lighting.

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