Our Signature K☥NG Tee was designed to honor our fathers, brothers, unkEL's, sun's, nephews and husbands. The K☥NG Tee was created to show appreciation to the man who has endured so much and still finds the kourage to keep going. Our protectors, our lovers, our friends! Without the K☥NG there is no Kween!

The K☥NG Tee features the Ancient symbol of the Ankh which represents union of the divine masculine and feminine aspects within us! We are ONE, man and wombman!

Our K☥NG Sapphire Tee-Shirt is Kreated in Sapphire Blue representing good luck, loyalty, happiness and love! Gold representing generosity, compassion, divinity and power. And Black representing our Melanin!💙💛🖤

Disclaimer: Please note colors may be slightly different due to lighting.

All Kweens Royal Tees