The R🌹SE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE Sweatshirt was inspired by the late, great, artistic, poetic, revolutionary, visionary, greatest rapper of all time Tupac Amaru Shakur.

The R🌹SE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE Sweatshirt is meant to inspire those who come from the bottom, who come from adverse situations, those who come from nothing but still aspire to do something GREAT with their lives.

Our R🌹SE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE Sweatshirt is a powerful piece showing that no matter what your circumstances are you can still achieve GREATNESS as long as you never give up on yourself. Always believe in your unlimited abilities and strive to give your all.

2Pac once said he may not change the world but he guarantees he will spark the brain that will change the WORLD. That statement was for ALL of us. We all have something GREAT we can offer the world if we apply ourselves and our abilities and become that R🌹SE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE!

Th-Ankh Yah Pac for all your inspiration, jewELS of wisdom, strength, courage and unapologetic warrior spirit. Yah are appreciated and celebrated!

Women's Sweatshirts will be off the shoulder style. Men's Sweatshirts will be regular collar Sweatshirts. Please indicate in notes whether the Sweatshirt is for a Man or Woman.

Disclaimer:Please note the colors may vary due to camera and lighting. This shirt is handmade with glitter. You may leave sparkles in your path! ThAnkh you for innerstanding.

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